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36-17 Greenpoint Ave, LIC, NY  11104   


Cory's cooking career started at the age of 15, working as a busboy, and prep cook at The Union Hotel in Flemington New Jersey. Bouncing from station to station in the kitchen and dining room. Than leading to a position as Sous Chef at the Logan Inn in historic New Hope, PA. Working with Italian Chef Alviero Fiaschi (former saucier at the Four Seasons Hotel). Upon working there for four years he pursued a culinary degree from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY.

After graduation Cory worked for various hotel's, restaurants and acclaimed Chef's including The Ritz Carlton Buckhead (Guenter Seeger), (Maggiano's) Lettuce Entertain You, (Richard MelMan) Nava, (Buckhead Life Restaurant Group with Kevin Rathbun, and Pano Karatosis) Cherokee Town Club, 70 Park Ave Hotel (Kevin Reilly), and as Corporate Executive Chef of the famous FitzPatrick Hotels.

While at The Fitzpatrick hotels, when Cory came on as Chef, he asked the manager what do you want me to change on the menu? He responded by saying if it's a hamburger on the menu, make it the best possible hamburger you can. And that's what Cory did. Way before the burger craze in NYC even got acclaim and recognition, From doing 5-10 hamburgers a day to 100 a day and being called "The Best Burger on the Block."

Finally twenty years in the business Cory decided it was time to stop giving all his ideas to all the other guys and do his own thing. Shopping for the right location and hearing about all the change in Williamsburg Brooklyn he landed a place a little off the beaten path on Wythe and south second. Before the big economical difficulties Cory put his life's career and savings on the line. His gut instinct was "if I don't do this now I never will." Having no partners, and investing all of the profit from selling his apartment he banked everything on opening a Burger restaurant.

"I was searching for a place for over a year in this neighborhood." And 1 day while I was at work my real estate broker called me and said "I found you a spot come tomorrow with your checkbook."

The next day I met him and the landlord, and the landlord asked me what do you want to do here? I said make simple quality hamburgers with great quality and a few twists. He said the neighborhood needs that. And what do you want to call it? I responded by saying, "WilliamsBurger." He looked at me and the broker and said the place is yours if you want it.

"Two years into it we have grown up a lot and learned a lot" ,says, Cory. We opened in the worst financial times in history. It was scary wondering if we would make it. But I kept working and continuing to buy better products and developing what I thought would eventually work itself out. Listening to the customers and especially my neighbors who saw the change over the years and believed in me and the place.  We carried that spirit of innovation forward to our new location in Sunnyside, Queens.

Every day we can do something better than the last. Whether it's from going from beer and wine to a full bar, or something as simple to making sure a table doesn't wobble. We can't sit back and say it's good enough. Theirs always something new and better to do every day.


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